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Women’s jewelry amulets. Slavs, XI-XIII centuries.

Antique postcards, circa 1920s.

Antique hatpins!

Woman Holding Vase,” contemporary print from a glass-plate negative, circa early 20th century.

Ingrid” glass bowl designed by Curt Schlevogt, circa 1920s.

Treasure of silver jewelry, XI-th century

French vintage postcards

Greek Terracotta Figure of a Woman, Boeotia, Tanagran, circa 3rd Century BC

Standing in a graceful attitude on a rectangular base with her right hand on her hip and holding an apple in her left hand, her left arm resting on a column, and wearing a long chiton and enveloping himation, her hair arranged in a melon coiffure with large circular chignon behind. Height 20.6 cm.

Carte-de-visite of a woman with her cat, circa early 19th century.

Miniature found on #Pinterest
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