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The Fun and Artistry of Antique Fishing Lures


“Head of a lady photographed on a platter.” Magic, stage illusions and scientific diversions, including trick photography. 1897.

Internet Archive

Sterling silver pill box featuring cat’s face, made by Unger Brothers, c. late 19th – early 20th century.

California skateboarders in the 1970s as photographed by Hugh Holland.

Reiji Iizuka’s illustration of a sphere-wheeled car, based on a concept by a German inventor, 1936.

Call Them Grandfather or Tall-Case, Gary Sullivan Knows Big Clocks

How My Kid Lost a Game of ‘Magic’ to Its Creator But Scored a Piece of Its Original Art

Cool Cameras: The Univex Mercury

Chess set made from glazed stoneware, Iran, 12th century.  Via the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Art Nouveau greeting card made by Raphael Tuck & Son’s, ca 1902.