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Scrap Album” fancy dress designed by Sarah Ann Gough, London, c. 1893. Via NGV Australia.


Everything You Know About Corsets Is False

1. Thirteen-inch waists are a thing of myths.

2. Corsets did not create misshapen livers or life-threatening diseases.

3. Men did not force women into corsets.

Vintage and antique birdcages.

Bicycle-style roller skates made by Ritter, England, c. 1895.

Original Catfluencer: How a Victorian Artist’s Feline Fixation Gave Us the Internet Cat


Dissecting the Dream of the 1890s: My Skype Date With Those Curious Neo-Victorians

Spherical siren whistle, circa 1890s.

Victorian-era malachite cameo.

Green uranium glass vase made by Riedel, c. 1890.


Mouse jewellery from around 1880: Thornhill Mouse Bangle, 1stdibs / Eccentric Thornhill brooch, Wartski jewelry / 19th Century Boxed Mouse Brooch by Child and Child, 1stdibs / Ring – ‘Mouse chases after cheese’, Inez Stodel

Literature: Charlotte Gere, Judy Rudoe, ‘Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria’, page 223 features an advertisement from 1880 with Thornhill’s mouse jewellery.

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