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Midsommar’s Dance” exposition piece by Sven Palmqvist for Orrefors Glassworks, Sweden, 1970.

Rare French Charles X Peers epree, circa 1824-1830.

from Olympia Auctions

Happy Easter! Here Come the Witches

Happy Easter! Here Come the Witches

Color photographs of Sweden taken by Fredrik Daniel Bruno in the 1940s.

Jug designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg’s Bersa (Arbor) series, made in Sweden, circa 1960s.

Princess Margaret of Connaught later Crown Princess of Sweden.

Herons Skansen by Staffan Wiren 1949

Poster designed by Staffan Wiren for Skansen, a museum and zoo in Stockholm, Sweden, 1949.

(Via Martin Klasch)