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French Combination Stiletto / Flintlock Pistol…

French Combination Stiletto / Flintlock Pistol, 18th Century

Combination blade and smooth-bore, two-stage, 12 mm cal. barrel, nozzle with oblique carving at the tip, octagonal first part, the second one is round; solid iron grip with pommel and pierced quillon ends, pommel decorated with trophies. Flintlock under the barrel, slightly engraved and with ball-trigger. Very scarce. Length 48 cm.

Combination Stiletto/Flintlock Pistol The 4 &…

Combination Stiletto/Flintlock Pistol

The 4 ½ inch round steel barrel, which screws onto the frame, engraved with animal headed floral scrolls. The muzzle drawn out on one side to form a 2 ¾ inch blade, the interior side concave. Rectangular steel frame engraved on one side and fitted with engraved flintlock mechanism. Steel guard with elaborate turned finials. Screw-on steel grip finely engraved with scrollwork and with a serpent and eagle in combat.