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Rifle vs Musket – 19th Century Military History

Looking specifically at the P1853 Rifle vs the East India Company Model F smoothbore musket here, but considering the wider implications of gun development in the middle of the 19th century. 

Viking vs Dervish: Similarities of Weapons

Separated by 1000 years and thousands of miles, at first sight there isn’t much to compare between the Beja warriors of the Sudan and the warriors of early-medieval Scandinavia known as vikings. But there are some similarities in the weapons they used. 

Why Some Modern Sword Makers Get Tangs Wrong – Part 2 Clarification & Addition

Something Modern Sword & Knife Makers Get Wrong

Historical sword and knife makers spent hundreds of years perfecting their art, but often now we ignore their lessons. Here we look at one particular aspect of knife making that often gets ignored by modern makers.

Spoiler: it’s welding an iron tang to a steel blade via a scarf weld.

British Highland Field Officer’s Sword

Why Did Some Infantry Soldiers Carry Short Swords in the Gunpowder Age? Pioneer Short Swords

Antique French Sword Sizes Compared

British Samurai Bayonets – 1907 Pattern & Arisaka

There is a connection between WW1 era British bayonets and Japanese samurai swords and knives that most people don’t know about. Here we look at the 1907 pattern British bayonet and its inspiration the Type 30 Arisaka.

Antique Leather Restoration – Sword Scabbards, Belts & Other Leather Military Items

My preferred antique leather product is Pecard Antique Leather Dressing. It is very easy to find (or order) in the US.

Revolvers & Hunting Knives – Arnachellum & Sons of Salem

Looking at an antique Bowie knife made by Indian maker Arnachellum, and considering where these fit in their historical context.