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Four Takouba, Probably 20th Century

Lengths from left to right: 92 cm, 96.5 cm, 98 cm, 98.5 cm

Various Tuareg Arm Daggers & Short Swords

Three Takouba, Sahel, Africa


Old warrior sword in metal, leather and yellow copper. Blade of local manufacture. L 93cm. Touareg. Sahara

Old style hilt with a locally made blade, probably 20th century.

Tuareg Shield, Possibly 19th Century

leather – cotton – Height: 116 cm – Width: 73 cm

Takouba, 19th Century Hilt with Older Blade

North Africa, Wide, European, double-edged blade with round tip, of hexagonal section. First part with iron reinforcement, with a stamp. Brass, cross-quillon, engraved and pierced, iron pommel, shaped as Brazil nut, chiselled in the upper part. Leather-covered grip. Leather scabbard, decorated with geometrical imprints, brass mounts, decorated en suite with the quillon. Three suspension laces. Scarce. length 89.5 cm.

Takouba, 20th century

Straight, double-edged blade of lenticular section, with three fullers at the forte and two, crescent-marks. Leather-covered quillon and grip. Circular, iron pommel with big, square cusp, partially plated with brass. Leather scabbard, decorated with geometrical imprints and brass mounts, small damage at the tip. Two, leather, suspension bands. length 92 cm.

I’m still learning about takouba, but this one is 20th century to my eye. Maybe mid-20th century. Takouba are still made today, both for tourists and as a part of traditional dress. They are often attributed to the Tuareg, but the takouba was/is used by a variety of peoples.

Takouba with 18th Century Blade

North African Sword, 18th Century, straight double edge 18th century broadsword blade cut with a pair of narrow fullers and etched at the forte on both sides with foliate motifs and a cartouche containing a sun and dove, one piece iron cruciform hilt with pierced rectangular-section quillons each with a ribbed end, oval pommel with flat base, top convex with central rib. Blade 89.5cms.

The Geographical Range of the Takouba

The takouba is strongly associated with the Tuareg, but it was used across a huge region by numerous peoples. Check out for more on this fascinating sword type.

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