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British Pattern 1846 Naval Officer’s Sword Wi…

British Pattern 1846 Naval Officer’s Sword

With etched fullered blade bearing proof mark and signed Wilkinson, London. Having brass hilt with lion mask pommel, fouled anchor and folding guard and with shagreen grip, blade length 74.5 cm.

victoriansword: Royal Irish Constabulary Offic…


Royal Irish Constabulary Officer’s Sword

Royal Irish Constabulary Victorian Period Officer’s Sword, the 85 cm bright blade with spear point by J.B.Johnstone, Dawson St., Dublin, the unfullered blade etched with a QVC crowned strap ‘Royal Irish Constabulary’ enclosing the Harp a crowned ‘VR’ cypher and panels of scrolling foliage, the triple bar steel hilt incorporating a crowned stylised Harp, wire bound fish skin grip, black leather sword knot with olivette contained in its plated metal scabbard.

victoriansword: Egyptian Cavalry Sword by Wil…


Egyptian Cavalry Sword by Wilkinson Sword Co.

Sort of a British sword and sort of not! This is one of the rarest Wilkinson troopers’ swords you can find – made on contract for the Egyptian Army when it was under British control, some time at the end of the 19th century. Sword collectors will instantly recognise the shape as that of a French M1822 light cavalry sabre, which the Egyptians wanted for their cavalry – so Wilkinson made them. This is one of the only ways that you’ll get a French/US styled cavalry trooper’s sword made by Wilkinson and this example is in wonderful condition. The blade is perfect, like new. The maker’s mark is crisp. The hilt is rock solid and in equally great condition. The brass is aged, but perfect. The shark skin is 100% perfect. The grip wire is all there and tight.

victoriansword: British Pattern 1885 Cavalry …


British Pattern 1885 Cavalry Trooper’s Sword

An 1885 Pattern Cavalry Trooper’s Sword
Late 19th CenturyWith bright slightly curved fullered blade stamped with various ordnance marks on both sides at the forte, one side with bladesmith’s details ‘Weyersburg, Kirschbaum & Co., Solingen’, regulation steel hilt with Maltese cross piercing, and chequered leather grips secured by rivets, in its steel scabbard with fixed suspension rings, the locket stamped with markings for the Lothians and Border Yeomanry (some pitting)
86.5 cm. blade

French Egyptian Sword with British History -…

French Egyptian Sword with British History – Tel el Kebir 1882

An unusual and historically interesting antique sword – a French 1822 sabre with Egyptian and British connections.

Egypt began importing French swords and weapons under the rule of Muhammad Ali Pasha.

British Mameluke Style Officer’s Sword, c.1820…

British Mameluke Style Officer’s Sword, c.1820-1830

Curved, double-edged blade of lozenge section, first part finely engraved with royal, crowned monogram ‘GR IV’ [for George IV] and among branches, on both sides, the base marked ‘Hamburger Haywood & Co. 30 Kings Street Covent Garden London’; fine, bronze, fire-gilded hilt, richly decorated with floral motifs in high-relief; ivory grip scales (small cracks and damages). Complete with iron scabbard with bronze, gilded mounts. Sword-knot. length 94 cm.

When you get hungry but the only thing you hav…

When you get hungry but the only thing you have to eat is a sword.

victoriansword: British Pattern 1845 Infantry …


British Pattern 1845 Infantry Officer’s Sword for New South Wales Military Forces, c.1870

Pattern 1845 Infantry Officer’s sword and scabbard. The hilt has a brass half basket three bar guard with the cartouche badge of New South Wales. The grip is fishskin bound with copper wire and there is a gold with red stripes sword knot attached to the guard. The thin levee style, slightly curved blade has a single fuller to each side to within eleven inches of the spear point and is etched for half the length on both sides with a floral design. In the centre right on the blade is the coat of arms of New South Wales and on the left centre is a crown over the VR cypher. The ricasso is marked E THURKLE MAKER SOHO LONDON. The brass scabbard has two loose hanger rings on bands at 2 and 10.5 inches from the throat. The remains of a hanger strap is attached to the top ring.

This sword is a levee style and was more than likely used by Major (later Colonel) Bartlett when he was adjutant to the Third Australian Regiment in the 1890’s.

victoriansword: British Pattern 1821 Light Cav…


British Pattern 1821 Light Cavalry Officer’s Sword

A gorgeous Victorian light cavalry officer’s sword retailed by Hawkes, with a virtually perfect blade. The hilt and scabbard of this sword are in good condition, bright and with only minor pitting to the scabbard. The hilt is solid on the tang and while it has had the grip wire removed, the shagreen is in excellent condition. However the real highlight of this sword is the blade, which retains about 95% of the original mirror polish and frost etching – it shows what these blades looked like when first made. The frost etching is outstandingly executed, as you would expect of Hawkes, who were a prestige outfitter of the time. Even the washer is dyed red to make the sword appear as high quality as possible. To add to this fantastic package, the sword handles wonderfully also. It has not been service sharpened and probably saw very little service, if any, but is a beautiful sword.

This is the sword Matt Easton shares in this video.

US Model 1850 Foot Officer’s Sword

US Model 1850 Foot Officer’s Sword

Housed at Fort Mackinac, Mackinac Island, Michigan.