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British Naval Officer’s Spadroon, Late 18th Century

By Davies, Sword Cutler & Belt Maker To His Majesty, St. James’s Str.t, Silver Mark, Late 18th Century. With fullered blade etched and gilt against a blued ground over two thirds of its length along one side with bladesmith’s details ‘Osborn & Gunby Warranted’ against foliage, crowned ‘GR’ cypher between martial trophies, and foliage, and on the other with crowned royal arms, a martial trophy and Union foliage, hilt with side-guard enclosing a fouled anchor, lobed rear quillon, knuckle-guard with tassel ring at the top, waisted pommel with button, and vertically reeded ivory grip, in original black leather scabbard with silver mounts, the locket signed in full within a roundel on one side (some wear) and with a frog-stud on the other, and in fine condition. 83.8 cm blade.

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Royal Naval Artillery Volunteer Cutlass

Description Royal Naval Artillery Volunteer cutlass, the hilt of the cutlass consists of a steel half-basket guard. The cutlass has a brass lion’s head pommel and back-piece, the mane extending the length of the back-piece. The cutlass has a black shark-skin grip, the binding of which is now missing. There is a catch on the reverse of the grip, which engages in the upper locket. The cutlass has a prominent tang button. The slightly curved flat steel blade has a double-edged spear point. The obverse of the blade is engraved with a shield motif in which the owner’s name is usually engraved, along with a motif of a rayed crown over a foul anchor, all of which are surrounded by foliage motifs. The reverse of the blade is engraved on the shoulder with the words ‘SILVER & CO, LONDON’. The reverse of the blade is also engraved with a rayed crown over the letters ‘R.N.A.V.’ with a foliage motif above and below. The brown leather scabbard has one brass locket and chape. The mounts are ornamented with lines.

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National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

A collection of Pattern 1804 Cutlasses and Se Service Pistols

A sneak peek at a new e-book, British Infantry…

A sneak peek at a new e-book, British Infantry Swords of the Napoleonic Era, by Nick Thomas of the Academy of Historical Fencing

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British Pattern 1827 Naval Officer’s Sword

Early 19th Century British Naval Officers Sword, pipe back blade etched with 1801-1816 Royal arms and fouled anchor, regulation gilt brass hilt with folding side guard, lion’s head pommel, fouled anchor in guard, wire bound fish skin grip, remains of bullion dress knot, in its brass mounted leather scabbard. Blade 74 cm, overall 89 cm. Good condition, hilt retains approx. 80% original gilding, some patches of light pitting to blade, traces of gilding to scabbard mounts.

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British Pattern 1859 Cutlass Bayonet

This is a good example of a British Naval Saber Bayonet pattern 1859. It is mounted with a straight spearpoint German made blade that measures 26 ¾ inches in length. The blade has now richly patined with age and does remains nice with just a few minor nicks to the cutting edge. The steel cup guard continues to wear some of the original black painted finish and does remain in nice condition as well with no dings. The checkered leather grips do reflect age and although are weathered, also remain nice and in tight and sturdy condition. Overall measuring 32 3/8 inches in length.

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A Fine and Unique Silver Gilt Mounted Naval Officer’s Sabre

81 cm unfullered blade by Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London, numbered 32332 for 1893 deeply etched with scrolling foliage within geometric panels against a gilt ground, silver hilt with D-shaped knuckle guard deeply cast overall with foliage, the langets cast with owner’s initial within a six-pointed star, wire bound green shagreen covered grip (now faded), in its silver gilt scabbard with ornate mounts cast with foliage against a stippled ground, two roped suspension rings. Hallmarked London, 1893 and maker’s mark J.F.L.

The sword of Admiral Sir Henry Felix Woods Pasha, K.C.V.O., Grand Cordon of Medijeh and Osmanieh and Knight of the Sax-Coburg Order, who specially ordered this sword from Wilkinson’s and made to his own unique design.

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British Pattern 1827 Naval Warrant Officer’s Sword

79.5cm blade by Gould etched with scrolling foliage, the Royal Arms, a crowned fouled anchor, regulation brass hilt, wire bound black fish skin grip, in its brass mounted leather scabbard.

The warrant officer’s sword differs from the officer’s sword in that it has a dark fish skin grip instead of a white fish skin grip, and it has a plain pommel instead of a lion’s head pommel.

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British Pattern 1859 Cutlass Bayonet with “Verney’s Catch”

Heavy steel bowl guard with fixing for the bayonet bar and slot for Verney’s scabbard catch. The grip is formed of two scales of pressed chequered leather secured by four pins. The blade is slightly curved and is unfullered. The tip is sharpened on both sides, the back being 12.5 in (318mm) long.
The lether scabbard has polished steel chape and scabbard mouth. Verney’s spring catch is fixed to the left side of the scabard. On the right side is the frog stud.

The catch design was proposed by Lieut. Verney, RN and approved for fitting in the List of Changes (para. 369) on 19 September 1861. This example is likely to be the sealed pattern version. The blade was made in Solingen and accepted as such, the likely maker was Weyersberg Bros.

Blade Length 26.75inches
Blade Length 680mm
Blade Width 1.5inches
Blade Width 38mm
Scabbard Length 28.75inches
Scabbard Length 730mm
Scabbard Weight 0.34kg
Overall Length 32.5inches
Overall Length 825mm
Bayonet Weight 1.095kg
Combined Weight 1.43kg

British Pattern 1827 Naval Officer’s Sword

British Pattern 1827 Naval Officer’s Sword