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American Pepperbox Revolver with Spike, c.1854-56


Allen Thurber & Co of Worcester, Massachusetts. 

A six shot pepperbox percussion pistol. The stamped barrel with threaded dagger attachment. 27 cm long overall.

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Indian khanda sword, khanjar dagger, flintlock pistol, and dhal shield.

This heavy and tremendously long Indian firangi sword dates to some time in the 18th century, perhaps earlier. 126 cm-long overall, it is mounted with a whopping 105 cm or 41" long blade, single-edged, composed of pattern folded steel, with a nice damascus-like weave. Blade is still razor- sharp and shows signs of prior cleanings. Two-handed Khanda hilt of steel construction has acquired a beautiful dark patina.


Boer War Era Mauser C96 Pistol, Wolseley Helme…


Boer War Era Mauser C96 Pistol, Wolseley Helmet, Gaiters, and Swagger Stick.

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Weapons storage on board the HMS Warrior: Pattern 1889 Cutlasses, Pattern 1888 Boarding Pikes (I think), Colt Navy Revolvers.

U.S. Navy Elgin Cutlass-Pistol by C.B. Allen…

U.S. Navy Elgin Cutlass-Pistol by C.B. Allen

Serial no. 45, .54 caliber. 5 inch octagonal barrel marked on the top Elgins/Patent and CBA/PM/1837. Frame marked C.B. Allen/Springfield/Mass. Barrel, frame, blade and stock all serial numbered. Underside of barrel affixed with broad 11 inch single edged blade with beveled false edge and forged with integral triggerguard/knucklebow. Varnished walnut grips. Together with original German silver-mounted leather holster, (the leather restored) the throat fitted with frog stud and with rare brass-tipped steel ramrod.

One of 150 specimens manufactured by C.B. Allen, with blades by N.P. Ames, for a U.S. Navy contract specifically associated with the Wilkes South Seas Exploring Expedition of 1838-42. (Flayderman’s Guide, sec. 6A-038)

Authorized in 1828, the expedition was composed of six vessels, with a complement of scientists, under the command of Lt. Charles Wilkes. Leaving Hampton Roads, Virginia the fleet rounded South America, explored the Pacific coast of that continent, proceeded to the South Pacific, where they engaged in combat on Fiji in 1840 and then sailed on the map and explore the west coast of the United States. Nineteen scientific volumes were published after the fleets return and the expedition played a major contribution in the advancement of the U.S. scientific community. 

A Pair Of Flintlock Rifled Officer’s P…

A Pair Of Flintlock Rifled Officer’s Pistols of Carbine Bore, and Saddle Holsters, Signed Wilkinson, Edinburgh, c.1815-1820

With re-browned twist octagonal sighted barrels (touch-holes bushed) each stamped with numbers on the right flat at the muzzle, engraved ‘Edinburgh’ along the top flat and rifled with sixteen and nineteen grooves respectively, foliate engraved tangs each with back-sight, signed border engraved flat locks each engraved with a starburst behind the semi-rainproof pan and with foliage on the tail, engraved safety-catches, and foliate engraved ring-neck cock (top jaw and screw replaced, the other cock and one steel-spring replaced), figured full stocks (old bruising, one fore-end split in the ramrod channel) with chequered rounded butts, steel trigger-guards retaining some blueing and each decorated with foliage on the border engraved bow, pineapple finials, slotted ramrod-pipes, and later ramrods: in contemporary leather saddle holsters (damaged and repaired), Birmingham proof marks. 17.8 cm. barrels.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

A collection of Pattern 1804 Cutlasses and Se Service Pistols

British Pattern 1822 Infantry Officer’s Sword …

British Pattern 1822 Infantry Officer’s Sword Combined with a Pistol

An interesting combination of a regulation officer’s sword and a pistol. This example was made or retailed by Johnston of Newcastle Street, London.

“Monostriker” by Bland & Sons, London, c.1…

“Monostriker” by Bland & Sons, London, c.1880

A group of four, round, smooth-bore, cal. 380 barrels, with grooved ribs, the upper one signed ‘BLAND & SONS 430 WEST STRAND LONDON’; frame with trade mark and ‘380 GAUGE’, a button for barrel’s opening above. Wooden, checkered butt. Iron trigger-guard. The barrels with rust areas, original finishing at 40%. Length 22 cm.

This appears to imitate the Lancaster pistol.

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Belgian Folding Sword Pistol with Engraved Fittings and Ivory Grips, Rodgers Knife Pistol, William Swift Percussion Knife Pistol, 19th Century