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Fallen Astronaut” memorial plaque and 3.3″ aluminum sculpture placed on the moon by crew of Apollo 15 on August 2, 1971. The plaque lists the name of 14 men, both Soviet and American, who died in service of their countries’ respective space programs.

R.I.P. mathematician Katherine Johnson, who calculated the precise trajectories that would let Apollo 11 land on the moon and return to Earth in 1969.

Unpublished photos of Apollo 11 recovery come to the surface

For Apollo 11 He Wasn’t on the Moon, But His Coffee Was Warm.
Michael Collins is often the forgotten astronaut on Apollo 11, the one who remained in orbit, 60 miles above the moon in the Apollo command module, waiting for his crewmates, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, to return from the lunar surface.

Berliners watching the launch of the Apollo 11 mission on June 16, 1969, on TVs in the window of a store selling electronics. 

(Photo by Edwin Reichert, Associated Press.)

Apollo 11 Capsule Foil and Memories of Plucking NASA’s Moonmen From the Sea

Skylab, America’s first manned space station

from The History Guy, History Deserves to be Remembered


NASA press photo of Gemini 8 astronaut Neil Armstrong in his silver Gemini G-2C spacesuit, circa 1965. (Via Stellar Views)

Bell No. 2 Rocket Belt or jet pack, circa early 1960s.


Moon Landing” wristwatch from 1969.