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Revolvers & Hunting Knives – Arnachellum & Sons of Salem

Looking at an antique Bowie knife made by Indian maker Arnachellum, and considering where these fit in their historical context.

Leather Hilt Covers on Military Swords

Occasionally we find antique military swords with leather covers on parts or all of their hilts. Here we look at a British example with a blade from the 1860s, a hilt from the 1890s, and applied leather over its entire guard on inside and out.

When The Indian ‘Tulwar’ Sword Is Not Curved

Indian tulwars (swords) are normally thought of as curved. But sometimes they aren’t!

Why Were Short Swords Sometimes Better For Military Soldiers?

Great Movie Cavalry Charges from British History

Curved swords and how to cut with them – kilij, shamshir, tulwar, sabre

Blade Restoration (Kukri Knife) With Rust Eraser Sabitoru Product

For removing rust, heavy dirt and patina, from metal surfaces. It works really well on blade and can even be used to revitalize modern blades.

I’m going to have to give this a try! But will it work on Blood Rust™?! 😀

Indian Daggers – Katar, Bichwa and Khanjar

The Kukri DID NOT come from the Falcata or Kopis

They are separated by more than a thousand years, with no connecting points. 

Italian Military Sabres (After 1871) – Innovation of Design