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Weapons and Armour from Sudan, 19th Century 

Kaskara (swords), arm daggers, maille shirt 


Gorham Sterling Silver Hanging Postal Scale, ca. 1900.

Antique Stamps!

A Mughal coat of mail with each ring struck with an Arabic benediction. India, 16th-17th century.

from Auctions Imperial


Sudanese Arms and Armour, 19th Century

You’ve Got Mail Bombs: Tracking Down the Most Dangerous Letters in the World

Shirt of mail and plate, Turkish or Persian, 15th – 16th century.

from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tatar armored cap with mail hood, a gift from Emperor Rudolf II to Elector Christian II circa 1600.

from the Staatliche Kunstamlungen Dresden


Kaskara, arm daggers, maille shirt

19th C. weapons and armour from Sudan.

Skull of a soldier who fell at the Battle of Gotland in 1361, his mail coif still intact.