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French Folding Cutlass or Machete, 19th Century

“M’edaille d’Argent” – Silver Medal
“Raux” – the Maker
“A.St.Omer” – At St. Omer – A small Village in the North of France, just below Belgium.

Has a safety on the opening button. Kick spring is quite strong and produces considerable recoil when opened. Water Buffalo Horn handles, inlaid with silver pins. Filework on the guard and handle. 

Belgian Folding Cutlass or Machete, 19th Century

I might be kind of obsessed with these right now.

Folding Cutlass, 19th Century

This opulent example is in the Deutsches Klingenmuseum in Solingen, Germany. It appears to be the same type of folding cutlass that was produced in Belgium in the 19th century, although I cannot find any information on this example that would confirm that it is Belgian.

Belgian Folding Sword Pistol with Engraved Fittings and Ivory Grips, Rodgers Knife Pistol, William Swift Percussion Knife Pistol, 19th Century

Belgian Folding Cutlass or Machete, 19th Century

Flat, single-edged blade, widened towards the foible, folding, marked “ARNOULD NAMUR”. Iron grip with wooden grip scales, button for blade release.

Belgian Folding Cutlass or Machete, 19th Century

By Licot, Namur, Mid-19th CenturyWith broad folding blade double-edged at the clipped-back point and stamped with maker’s details on one side, folding into the knuckle-guard and locked open by a spring catch along the back, and with rounded ebonised wooden grips (each repaired at the top, some rust patination). 34 cm blade.

Eugénie Licot (1786-1865) is recorded in Namur, Belgium. He is known to have produced items such as corkscrews and razors

Various Swords from the Collection of Actor Larry Hagman

Including a machete, and a Touareg dagger and sword (takouba). Larry Hagman is best known for his role as oil baron J.R. Ewing on the American television show “Dallas”.

A 19th Century British `Steamer’ Machete, the 55cm single edge broad steel blade with upcurved tip and three narrow fullers to the back edge, stamped with steamship logo, the horn pistol grip hilt with diagonally reeded decoration.

“Steamer” was a trademark of Robert Mole & Sons.