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Photos from a gay wedding near Philadelphia, PA, taken in 1957. The owner of the drugstore where these images were developed deemed them inappropriate and never returned them to the grooms. ​60 years later, the photos were found, though archivists have been unsuccessful at locating any of the men pictured.

(You can reach the archives here if you recognize anyone in these photos:

Happy Pride from San Francisco! 🏳️‍🌈

Photos from San Francisco’s early Gay Freedom Day parades during the 1970s.


A clip from a recently digitized home movie taken by gay men in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1947.

Remembering Alan Turing, Condemned Code Breaker and Computer Visionary


Singing the Lesbian Blues in 1920s Harlem

The Sissies, Hustlers, and Hair Fairies Whose Defiant Lives Paved the Way For Stonewall


When Being a Lesbian Was Profitable, For Men


“I think the truth is that if you really care about the quality of somebody’s life as much as you care about the quality of your own, you have it made.“ 

~ Edith Windsor (1929 – 2017)


Photographs of drag queens (and 1 king) before it was safe to be out and proud. (Via Dangerous Minds)

Happy Pride month from Gay Bob—the first openly gay and anatomically correct doll, 1977.