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Compas Dans l’Oeil” lamps designs by Andrée Putman and manufactured by Baldinger Archictectural Lighting for the Ritz Carlton in New York, 1988.

Art deco marbled-glass lamp, c. 1930.

Sword Lamps: Your Best Defense Against the Dark!

On the left is an Imperial German naval sword hilt, and on the right is a British Pattern 1845 Infantry Officer’s Sword hilt. I can’t say why the German sword was made into a lamp–maybe it was a trophy taken after World War One. The British hilt, however, is probably one of the many that were made obsolete after the introduction of the Pattern 1895 steel hilt. British infantry officers were require to either buy new swords with the P1895 hilt, or to re-hilt their old swords with the new steel hilt. The latter option was cheaper and therefore the most popular option. The result was many P1845 hilts ended up in the bin. Some were saved and turned into lamps or candlesticks.


Teasmade” combination lamp, alarm clock, and tea-maker, circa 1950s.

Turn of the century lamps, ceramics, and glassware made by Tiffany.


Art Nouveau griffon-shaped lamp base with Bakalowits glass shade, circa 1900.

Mid Century Modern pendant lamp, Italy, 1950s.

Bronze Art Nouveau lamp, signed Wetzel, circa 1900.

Brass lamp with glass jewels from the Victorian era.

Antique Tiffany Lamps, circa late 19th – early 20th centuries.