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Various Edged Weapons from Africa and Asia

An Indian Pesh-Kabz (25.5cm blade), ribbed horn hilt, leather scabbard with steel mount, two North African Dagger, three short stabbing spears, three wooden ceremonial axes, and various other native items, together with an Illustrated Catalogue of European Arms and Armour from the Wallace Collection, 1924.

Military Kukri, Early 20th Century

A military kukri from WW1-1930s date, with the regulation scabbard and accompanying karda and chakmak. The blade is in good condition and solid in the hilt, the pommel cap and pommel have a little damage which probably occurred during service. A nice example and well kept.

NOT slicing your fingers with Ghurka Kukri Knives

Lots of people make some nasty errors when handling Gkurka kukri knives, especially when unsheathing and sheathing them. This is a little how-to guide on how to avoid some of these pitfalls and not end up cutting your fingers.







Guns, swords, tanks, or even missiles

I just really want to see awesome weapons

im the sword service

The Khanda, not only a symbol but an actual sword. 

Remember the curved swords those annoying ass Skyrim guards always talked about? They exist, beautifully. The Scimitar.

Couldn’t help but to put a rapier in here. They’re so elegant.

Want a big, heavy duty sword? Could always resort to the Zweihander.

Want an ancient sword to use? Here’s the bronze age Makhaira. 

Trident’s are pretty cool too if you ever wanted to be Poseidon or the Devil.

You’re a weeb and want a long sword? Well, the Odachi is the only long sword you’re going to get.

Wanna cut grass and bodies at the same time? Go for the sickle.

Another bronze age sword, but from Greece. The Harpe.

German style executioner sword.

This swords name is Bilbo!

Two words: Pistol Sword.

We have to throw in African swords as well, 
First is Shotel.


Not sure what this is called, but it’s from the Congo.

Another weird sword I don’t know the name of.

Ngbaka throwing knife.

Holy shit




This is a fun post with some great edged weapons! I’d like to offer a few educational (pedantic) corrections…

The curved sword-like objects below with the red and orange backgrounds are decorative swords for belly dancing and are not weapons (nor are they “scimitars”). For more on the “scimitar”, see here: What is a scimitar?


This is not a sword, but a knife from Nepal called a kukri.


The sickles are–I believe–are boline used in Wiccan rituals.


Not sure about the last one, which was made by legendary knife maker Don Fogg:


This is a kastane from Sri Lanka, and has nothing to do with ancient Greece nor the Bronze Age. This example comes from the Caravana Collection and it is a stunner.


This Ethiopian shotel was probably made in Europe as a lavish gift for someone in Ethiopia–perhaps a diplomatic gift. More on this sensational sword here.


And to add to the discussion, here are a few more cool and unusual swords…

Indian pahari (cobra) sword:


And another:


Indian “Temple Sword”, 17th Century:



bullova axe from Junagarh Fort:


A Nayar temple sword from Malabar, South India: