Category: jewelry


Golden Necklace from Kakheti, Georgia Second half of III Millennium BC [600×800]

Fish paperweight brooch, glass intaglio, early 20th century.


Hair Ornament, Qing Dynasty, China, circa 1800s. (Via David Owsley Museum of Art)


Murrle Bennet spiderweb necklace, ca. 1900. (via Tadema Gallery)

Medieval Cross Pendant, amulets and icons , XI – XVI century.

Viking Silver Pendant

“Odin and the crows”, XI с.

Brooch and earrings set in the shape of artist’s palettes, made by Rebaje, New York, mid-20th century. 

Egyptian revival enameled scarab brooch, stamped LWX, c. 1930s.

Silver ring with a picture of a bird. Russian principality, 12th century

Korsunsky cross. Russia, XVI century.
Stone, silver, gilding, pearls.