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Maria Sophie, Duchess in Bavaria and Queen of Two Sicilies.

Margherita of Savoy, Queen of Italy.

The Italian Model 1888 Sabre by Filippo Del Monte — Forde Military Antiques: undefined


Foot warmer, 1700, Venice, Italy.

The Barolo Chapel: A deconsecrated church reimagined by Sol Lewitt and  David Tremlett, originally constructed in 1914 and updated in 1999.

Margherita of Savoy, Queen of Italy.

Italian Sword and Helmet of a Senior Cavalry Officer, Late 19th Century

Kingdom of Italy, Sabre adapted in 1873, with wide, slightly curved, single-and false-edged blade, with a small fuller that doubles in the last third, first part engraved with Savoy eagle, trophies and floral motifs on a dark ground, tang marked ‘DITTA SARDI E. E FIGLIO TORINO’; iron hilt with guard with bands, long cap, checkered at the base and smooth, ebony grip. Nickel-plated scabbard with two suspension rings. Complete with clutches and sword-knot.The helmet with smooth, iron skull, brass crest, carved with floral motifs in bass-relief on the sides, a lion’s head in the front part, a crowned monogram ‘U’ at he medallions base; black fur (small parts missing) with iron cross in the center, brass border, leather chin-strap covered with scales decorated in bass-relief, a cockade on the left side. Internal part in leather and cloth. length 98 cm.

Mid-century chicken bowls made by Baldelli,Italy.


Italian fencing sabres, gauntlets, and masks, circa 1900.

Italian Military Sabres (After 1871) – Innovation of Design