Category: iridescent

Creta Papillon seashell vase by Loetz ca. 1900-02

Three Fruits” carnival glass dish by Northwood, from a pattern first made in 1910.

Opalescent glass tray by Verlux, circa 1920s.

Loetz Dek vase 1/289, circa 1902.

Loetz Phänomen vase Genre 299 TriColor in ormolu bronze mount, circa 1900.

Souvenir carnival-glass plate in fish scales & beads pattern, made by Dugan, circa early 20th century.

Egyptian Revival scarab paperweight (inscribed with name of Ramses in hieroglyphics) made by Rambervillers, France, circa 1920.


Spreading chestnut vase by Loetz, circa 1900.

The Iridescent Charms of Carnival Glass

Large Iridescent Roman Glass Vase, 2nd-4th Century AD

5.5 inches (13.97cm) high