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“Presented to.” An illustrated gift inscription page with blank spaces in the front of a book. Manners, culture and dress of the best American society. 1891. 

Rare Sassanian Masterpiece Shallow Bowl with I…

Rare Sassanian Masterpiece Shallow Bowl with Ibex & `Champion Defender of Good’
7th Century AD

A very rare silver
dish with applied basal ring, incised line below the inner rim,
high-relief profile image of an ibex advancing on an uneven surface; the
basal ring with pointillé inscription, possibly indicating the weight
of the piece; the ibex gilded, with hatched areas to the neck, chest and
legs, curled horns, two billowing streamers attached to the rear of the
neck and trefoil before the chest; the baseline formed from six
bell-shaped humps with punched detailing of leaves and flowers, each
with a hatched outline; reserved tree with fruit and leaves, two birds
perched on the curved trunk; Pahlavi inscription on the footed base edge
reading: ‘YLP(a)S HWsh’; YL for ‘Champion (pahlavan); P(a)S: Protector,
defender; HWSh (khosh) Happiness and Goodness’, making the full
meaning: ‘Champion Defender of Good’. 436 grams, 20cm (8").

the Sassanian empire was centered in Mesopotamia, it played a major
role in religious, political, and visual culture in the Byzantine and
early Islamic eastern Mediterranean. The empire’s early years were
marked by the emergence of key institutions and cultural developments
that would shape Sassanian culture for several centuries.These include
complex court ceremonies, diplomatic relationships with Rome and, later,
Constantinople, the state-sponsored practice of Zoroastrianism, and the
luxury production of silks and silver plate.