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“Head of a lady photographed on a platter.” Magic, stage illusions and scientific diversions, including trick photography. 1897.

Internet Archive

Captive Ramrods on Muzzle Loading Guns

German mace, circa 1500

from Hermann Historica

Sword Fighting & Winter Clothing

Miracle Drug : The Discovery of Insulin

from The History Guy: History Deserves to be Remembered

Milanese (Italy) barbute in ancient Corinthian style, circa 1460.

from Hermann Historica

Sweet and Sour Sardines — A Medieval Recipe

from Historical Italian Cooking

Japanese matchlock tsutsu, late Edo or early Meiji period.

from Hermann Historica

A pair of gold inlaid percussion dueling pistols with carved ebony stocks, crafted by Devisme of Paris, mid 19th century.

from Rock Island Auctions


Firefighters working on the blaze at the Equitable Life Insurance Building in below-freezing weather, January 9, 1912.