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Khyber knife

Origin: Afghanistan, 1800s

Materials: Steel; elephant ivory; silver

Measure: O.L. 29; blade L. 22 ¾"

Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz. 

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Indian zulfiqar (split bladed sword), 17th century.

from The Worchester Art Museum

the blade itself looks like it’s more designed for shredding rather than the cut-or-thrust, but why the split at the tip? and the … ‘pommel’ i guess?

is it more a ceremonial sword?

Zulfiqar was the name of a sword given by Muhammad to his son in law Ali in the Battle of Uhud. It had a split point, and the sword picture above (and others like it) are a reference to the sword of Ali.

The description from the museum’s website states;

This weapon is typical of the blending of Islamic and native styles in South Asia. The curved blade is characteristically Islamic, and the cloven tip alludes to Zulfiqar, the cleft-bladed sword associated with Muhammad.

Matt Easton speculates that the long pommel would allow for two-handed use.