Category: helmets

Helmet produce in Nuremburg, Germany, 1540.

from The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Samurai helmet made in the style of a European morion, 16th century.

Gold gilt zischagge, circa 1635.

from The Royal Armouries Collection

Seljuk bronze helmet, circa 1200 AD

from Pax Romana Auctions

Polish winged helmet (zischagge), 17th century.

from Czerny’s International Auctions House

Etruscan bronze helmet, Italy, 8th-5th century BC

from the Barbier-Mueller Museum, Geneva

Corinthian style bronze helmet, Ancient Greece, circa 600 BC.

from Pax Romana Auctions

Helmet of a Thracian gladiator, uncovered from Pompeii, 1st century AD.

Greek Chalcidean helmet, circa 400 BC.

from Pax Romana Auctions


British 1877 Pattern Foreign Service Helmet and a Pair of Desert Goggles, 19th Century