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Seljuk bronze helmet, circa 1200 AD

from Pax Romana Auctions

Corinthian style bronze helmet, Ancient Greece, circa 600 BC.

from Pax Romana Auctions


British 1877 Pattern Foreign Service Helmet and a Pair of Desert Goggles, 19th Century

Greenwich pikeman’s pot, early 17th century.

from Garth Vincent Antique Arms & Armour

Turkish helmet, 16th-17th century.

from The Kremlin Museum, Moscow



Savoyard Helmet, 17th century.


A few pieces from the Art Institute of Chicago’s small but excellent display of European arms and armour. These photos are for @qsy-complains-a-lot in particular.


A khula-khud, sipar and bazu-band ensemble, with axe, 19th century

Silver inlaid Korean helmet, Joseon Dynasty 17th-18th century.

from Christies

Etched Spanish cabasset, circa 1580.

from Garth Vincent Antiques Arms & Armour