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Why is it so easy to be thin in Japan?

from What I’ve Learned


1920′s women exercising.

British anti-smoking campaign aimed at teenagers, c. 1960s. Via the National Archives UK.


Our Pungent History: Sweat, Perfume, and the Scent of Death

Bicycle-style roller skates made by Ritter, England, c. 1895.


The World’s First Hunk: Why We’re Obsessed with Muscle Men

Handmade medical-themed chess set, made from clay and wood, c. late 20th century. 


“Blue colored glass eyes from Queen & Co. Oculists & Opticians of Philadelphia.” 1891. 

Huntington Library

Dr. C. J. Imperatori Treatment and Diagnostic Unit,” or medical cabinet, circa 1940s.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Be safe out there… <3

Getting It On: The Covert History of the American Condom