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A pistol saber, a sword with an Allen & Wheelock revolver fitting in the hilt. Used during the American Civil War.

Used by probably one guy who was later heard saying, “Well that didn’t go as planned.”

British Pattern 1822 Infantry Officer’s Sword Combined with a Pistol

An interesting combination of a regulation officer’s sword and a pistol. This example was made or retailed by Johnston of Newcastle Street, London.

Belgian and French Folding Swords

  1. Belgian folding sword pistol with engraved fittings and ivory grips, 19th century. (source)
  2. Belgian folding sword by Licot, Namur, 19th century. (source)
  3. Belgian folding sword, 19th century. (source)
  4. Belgian folding sword marked “ARNOULD NAMUR”, 19th century. (source)
  5. French folding sword stamped “M’edaille d’Argent” – silver medal, “Raux” – the maker, “A.St.Omer” – at St. Omer – a small village in the north of France, just south of Belgium. 19th century. (source)
  6. French or Belgian folding sword, 19th century. This opulent example is located at the Deutsches Klingenmuseum in Solingen, Germany. (source)


Belgian Folding Sword Pistol with Engraved Fittings and Ivory Grips, Rodgers Knife Pistol, William Swift Percussion Knife Pistol, 19th Century



British Pattern 1908 Cavalry Trooper’s Sword

A 1908 pattern military issued cavalry sword, with checkered leather grip with recessed thumb mould, bowl guard and tapering blade, stamped with military broad swords and ‘FED’, also ‘75’ beneath a crown and stamped ‘P08’ to the blade back, and with metal scabbard, length of blade 88 cm.

Oh geeze, the way the scabbard was positioned at first I thought this was some kind of really crazy GunSword.

Considering some of the other things posted on this and similar blogs, I think I can be forgiven for making that mistake.

Yes, you can be forgiven.

The United States had an experimental version on the M1913 Cavalry Sword (aka “Patton Saber”) in which an M1911 Pistol was substituted for the grip.

Above images of the Experimental M1913 Sword from

Indian Katar with Integral Flintlock Pistols, 18th-19th Century

With broad finely watered double-edged blade reinforced towards the point, the forte with recessed panel on each side chiselled with foliate borders and a central frond, the latter issueing from a gilt flowerhead, characteristic steel hilt mounted on each side with a flintlock box-lock pistol in the English manner, each with turn-off barrel and folding trigger (actions defective, one steel incomplete), baluster grips of swelling square section divided by two gilt quartefoils and a small central washer, and decorated overall with gold-damascened borders (worn, some rust patination). 21 cm blade.

A Mughal Katar with Integral Pistols, 19th Century

The 9 inch triangular blade with thickened point and broad central rib. Hilt of simple form with simple side straps and lotus-form grip, the side straps fitted with continental percussion pocket pistols with damascus barrel and engraved boxlock actions, the ebonized grips with the butts cut down; the side straps cut-out to receive the pistols’ folding triggers.