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Vending Machine for Stockings, 1961. Germany. Industrial Museum Augsburg.

Beer stein decorated with herring and tom-cat pattern, made by Goebel & Reinhold Merkelbach, Germany, c. late 19th century.

Psychedelic interiors of the Spiegel Publishing House in Hamburg, Germany, designed by Verner Panton, 1969.


German rapier with blue turquoise glass hilt, circa 1600.

from The Kunsthistorisches Museum


Assorted British, German, and French bayonets from’s archives.


A phenomenally enameled silver Swept-hilt Rapier, Germany, ca. 1606, housed at the Staaliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.


“The Future Belongs to Bauhaus Wallpaper,” brochure cover designed by Joost Schmidt, 1931.


“Fat Lava” pottery from West Germany, circa 1960s – 1970s.

Ceramic peacock plaque numbered G-75, by Helmut Friedrich Schäffenacker, circa 1970s.

Make It Work: Street Style for the Sensitive German Renaissance Man