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Happy Easter! Here Come the Witches

“In the United States, Easter folklore revolves around a giant bunny bringing kids treat-filled Easter baskets, which they then use to hunt for colored eggs. In Sweden and some parts of Finland, painted eggs are common, but a traditional Easter also involves children dressing up like witches and going door-to-door asking for treats—much like American kids do on Halloween. On postcards and other vintage Easter ephemera, we have fuzzy chicks and cuddly rabbits, while the Swedes have headscarf-sporting witches transporting cats and copper coffee pots on their brooms.”

Photographs from the Los Angeles Alligator Farm amusement park, circa 1910s – 1920s.

(Images via the Los Angeles Public Library)


1/ HMW Bambi, 1955. 2/ Puch Laro 125, 1956. 3/ KTM Mirabell 125, 1958. 4/ Lohner Sissy, 1961. Scootermania reloaded: On auction via Dorotheum. 


The mysterious German fad for posing with a polar bear imitator, 1920s-1950s. (Via the Guardian)

Why People Flip Over Vintage Pinball Machines


Donald F. Duncan Yo-Yo, circa 1950s.