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Why Slavs Wear Adidas

from Life of Boris


Gorgeous colorized postcards of traditional dress from Algeria, Austria, Egypt, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and the Ukraine, circa 1910s – 20s.


Vintage Hermes scarves.


Vending Machine for Stockings, 1961. Germany. Industrial Museum Augsburg.

Scrap Album” fancy dress designed by Sarah Ann Gough, London, c. 1893. Via NGV Australia.

Was the Gap Ever Cool? A Look at 50 Years in Denim and Khaki


Everything You Know About Corsets Is False

1. Thirteen-inch waists are a thing of myths.

2. Corsets did not create misshapen livers or life-threatening diseases.

3. Men did not force women into corsets.


A Century of Dazzling Party Dresses

Levi’s Big E jeans with custom leather applique, c. 1960-70s.

Wedding boots from Camden, New York, 1885.