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Ethiopian mother from South Omo with AK.

Ethiopian warrior at the coronation ceremony of Hailie Selassie, 1930.

How to Monopolize Bread

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One Slave’s God

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Wiill Damming This River Lead to War?

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Ethiopian Shotel, 19th Century

84cm overall length.

Ethiopian Gurade, 19th Century

Curved, single-edged blade with quadruple, thin fuller next to the back. Horn, double “T”-hilt with brass, engraved cap. Leather scabbard with rare, gilded, metal mounts, pierced and engraved with braided spirals. Leather surface with geometrical imprints.


African Swords and Shield

From left to right:

  • Knife/short sword of the Yaka people of Congo
  • Seme short sword/knife of the Maasai people of Kenya
  • Knife/short sword of the Fang people of Cameroon
  • Rhinoceros hide shield of the Amhara people of Ethiopia

Imperial Ethiopian Army

A presentation on the Imperial Ethiopian army in antiquity and in the middle ages, with hints at the XIX century. Prepared for the association, related to a publication I am perfecting on a proposal to rehearse African Medieval army feats to
1) promote and save medieval Ethiopian sites
2) educate misdirected Italians to inclusion via performances on African history. Fight racism via education on medieval might. As distorted colonial history is part of an increasing problem.


A Variety of Ethiopian Shotel and Gurade