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Egyptian Cavalry Sword by Wilkinson Sword Co.

Sort of a British sword and sort of not! This is one of the rarest Wilkinson troopers’ swords you can find – made on contract for the Egyptian Army when it was under British control, some time at the end of the 19th century. Sword collectors will instantly recognise the shape as that of a French M1822 light cavalry sabre, which the Egyptians wanted for their cavalry – so Wilkinson made them. This is one of the only ways that you’ll get a French/US styled cavalry trooper’s sword made by Wilkinson and this example is in wonderful condition. The blade is perfect, like new. The maker’s mark is crisp. The hilt is rock solid and in equally great condition. The brass is aged, but perfect. The shark skin is 100% perfect. The grip wire is all there and tight.

French Egyptian Sword with British History – Tel el Kebir 1882

An unusual and historically interesting antique sword – a French 1822 sabre with Egyptian and British connections.

Egypt began importing French swords and weapons under the rule of Muhammad Ali Pasha.

Egyptian revival enameled scarab brooch, stamped LWX, c. 1930s.

Art Nouveau Egyptian Revival sash pin, circa 1900.


A Mamluk Sword, Egypt or Syria, 13th-15th Century

The straight double-edged steel blade with engraved inscription on both sides, the hilt with rounded, ridged pommel, oval-shaped wood reserved in the centre, with a wrist-strap ring above and pierced quillon tips. 106 cm.

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Decorative box by Louis Comfort Tiffany made from wood, favrile glass, and bronze, circa 1905 – 1910.

Pattern designs by Auguste Racinet published in 1875.

Egyptian Cuirassier’s Helmet for the Khedive’s Bodyguard, 19th Century

Prin-Seti Gold Mining Company stock certificate, 1902.