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It’s pretty blurry but the hilt looks like this one minus the guard. If you need a clearer picture, I’ll be able to take one in maybe a week.

So a full brass grip with a lil swept hilt dealy and a short cutting blade. That looks like every fascine knife of the 19th century so we’ll have to defer to the expert @victoriansword :y

-mod Burgonet

Nederlandse Infanterie Onderofficierssabel M1859, a.k.a. Dutch Model 1859 Infantry NCO Sword.



Dutch Model 1852 Grenadier Officer’s Sword

The hilt with wire wrapped ray skin grip, lion head pommel, knuckle guard with royal cypher and regimental grenade to the langet, length 37 in. (94 cm).  

Woodcuts by Julie de Graag, circa 1919 – 1921.

Gouda pottery from the early 20th century.

Jan Mankes 1889-1920, Dutch Painter
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D45 Hunebed, Drenthe, Netherlands

The D45 hunebed is located in the Emmerdennen, a forest area in the city of Emmen in the Dutch province of Drenthe. Hunebedden are chamber tombs, similar to dolmens and date to the middle Neolithic (Funnelbeaker culture, 4th millennium BC). A local legend says that Napoleon’s horse left its hoof prints in the hunebed when Napoleon and his horse stood upon it.  This same legend is told about other hunebedden in the area, along with many other folk tales.