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A Diplomatic Service Pattern Court Sword blade Buckmaster, 3 New Burlington Street, London, etched on each side with foliage and crowned VR cypher, regulation gilt ‘French’ hilt embossed with foliage, plumed helmet pommel, wire bound grip, in its leather scabbard with engraved gilt mounts, the locket with frog stud.(The scabbard with tape repair)


British Diplomatic Sword, 19th Century

A dress sword, never intended to be used in anger–a British diplomatic sword of the Victorian period. As with the previous dress sword I posted this evening, I don’t actually know much about these swords. It has a rather plain gilt brass hilt and an etched blade. This example is unique in that it has a brass proof disc in the blade. These are usually only seen in beefier military sword blades.

Photos from (Item 73715).