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Whiskey decanter and glasses in “Bambus” style decor by Kralik, circa 1930s.

Three souvenir knives with stone mosaic handles from Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary), Czech Republic, ca. 1900.

Brusel” style glass brooches, made in Czechoslovakia circa 1950s – 1960s.

The Skoda MU-2

Designed by the Czechoslovakian company Skoda in 1931, the MU-2 was the first Czech attempt to get into the tankette market. These small tracked vehicles were popular in the 1930′s but quickly phased out in early World War II because of their lack of armor and armament. The Skoda MU-2 wieghed only two tons with armor around 4-5mm thick. It’s 33 horsepower engine could produce a road speed of 30 kmh, although speed was severely limited by rough terrain. With a two man crew (a driver and gunner) it was 1.44m in height, 3.2 meters long, and 1.7m wide. It’s only armament was an 8mm machine gun.

The MU-2 was tested in 1932 and immediately discontinued after it was found severely deficient in several areas. It’s armor offered little to no protection for the crew, which was jammed into the tank like sardines in a can. It’s small 33 horsepower engine was not enough to propel the tank across rough terrain, and in combat conditions it could easily become stuck in mud, or trapped by obstacles. Most MU-2′s produced were demolished and sold for scrap metal in 1933.


Extas (Ecstasy) film poster, Czechoslovakia, 1933.