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British Court Sword, c.WWI


British Court Sword, Possibly for a Deputy Lieutenant of a County

I am interested in fighting swords, and so I tend to post swords that would have actually seen (or been capable of) combat. I am making an exception tonight and sharing some nice photos of a Victorian era British court sword. I don’t know anything about them, really, as there isn’t–to my knowledge–any good publication about them. All I have to say about it is that it has a lovely gilt brass hilt with a crowned VR cypher, and an etched blade with scrolling foliage and stands of arms. A pretty thing to wear to court, gentlemen!

Photos from (Item 21072).

British Court Sword, 19th Century

Victorian Court Sword for a Lieutenant of an English County, blade etched and polished H. Hill, 3 Old Bond St, London (1850–1855) with profuse scrolling foliage, regulation gilt brass hilt with crowned VR cypher above laurel, crown pommel, copper wire bound grip, in its leather scabbard with gilt brass mounts, locket applied with gilt maker’s label. Blade 79cm, overall 92cm.

British Court Sword, 19th Century

Victorian Diplomat’s Court Sword, blade etched Gillott & Hasell, 36 Strand, London (1853-1868), crowned VR, crossed lances and profuse scrolling foliage, regulation gilt brass hilt with a pair of burning phoenix, thunderflashes, helmet-shaped pommel, laurel on knuckle bow, gilt wire-bound grip, bullion dress knot, in its gilt brass mounted leather scabbard. Blade 79cm, overall 92cm. 

British Court Sword, 19th Century

Victorian Court Sword, double edged etched and polished blade with W. Buckmaster & Co., New Burlington Street, London, W (1842-1884) crossed flags, scrolls and foliage retaining most original polish, regulation gilt brass hilt with beaded edges, a crown in relief on the shellguard and engraved grip retaining virtually all its original gilt finish overall, in its leather scabbard with engraved gilt brass mounts and leather frog. Blade 78.5cm, overall 94cm.

British Court Sword, c.1930

1930’s British Civil Full Court  Sword of the Rt Hon Lord Wharton, with cut and polished steel hilt with applied facetted studs, triangular plain blade and housed in the original scabbard with sword carry bag. Scabbard missing lower fitting. Set is all housed in the original japanned metal storage tin with brass plaque having owners name engraved.

British Court Sword, 19th Century

A Victorian court sword, retailed by Mappin of London. This is an interesting variant with French-style knight’s helmet pommel and what appears to be a phoenix motif to the guard. The blade is elegantly etched and carried the VR cypher and crown of Queen Victoria.


A Diplomatic Service Pattern Court Sword blade Buckmaster, 3 New Burlington Street, London, etched on each side with foliage and crowned VR cypher, regulation gilt ‘French’ hilt embossed with foliage, plumed helmet pommel, wire bound grip, in its leather scabbard with engraved gilt mounts, the locket with frog stud.(The scabbard with tape repair)

British Court Sword, Early 20th Century

George V Period British Gilt Court Dress Sword. Comprises etched, decorated blade. Blade marked Henry Wilkinson Pall Nall, London. Total length 38 inches/95 cm.


British Diplomatic Sword, 19th Century

A dress sword, never intended to be used in anger–a British diplomatic sword of the Victorian period. As with the previous dress sword I posted this evening, I don’t actually know much about these swords. It has a rather plain gilt brass hilt and an etched blade. This example is unique in that it has a brass proof disc in the blade. These are usually only seen in beefier military sword blades.

Photos from (Item 73715).