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Libum — Ancient Roman Cheesecake

from Historical Italian Cooking

Cooking from Apicius — The Oldest Cookbook in the West

Ancient Roman Deep Fried Honey Fritters

from emmymadeinjapan

Survival Breads — Hardtack and Hot Water Cornbread

from Cowboy Kent Rollins

18th Century Cooking – Camp Oven Cornbread

from Townsends

How to make Catfish Goujons

by Momma Cherri

Battered and deep fried field crab

from Kdeb Cooking

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

from Momma Cherri

Retro Recipes — Coca Cola Jello Salad

from emmymadeinjapan

Khan’s Kitchen — Mongolian Pizza


Jalapenos Poppers 2 Ways — Texas Twinkies and Armadillo Eggs

from Cowboy Kent Rollins