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The Barolo Chapel: A deconsecrated church reimagined by Sol Lewitt and  David Tremlett, originally constructed in 1914 and updated in 1999.

How Linen Postcards Transformed the Depression Era Into a Hyperreal Dreamland

Peter Max with several of his artworks, photographed by Yale Joel for LIFE Magazine in 1967.

Color photographs of Sweden taken by Fredrik Daniel Bruno in the 1940s.

Psychedelic interiors of the Spiegel Publishing House in Hamburg, Germany, designed by Verner Panton, 1969.

The Lycurgus Cup, made from colour-changing dichroic glass (containing small amounts of colloidal gold and silver), Rome, ca. 300 AD. 

Via the British Museum.

Comic-book patterned vest by Nicky Zann, circa 1970s.

Psychedelic needlepoint pillow case, 1974.

Opalescent glass tray by Verlux, circa 1920s.

The Return of Memphis: a Visual Handbook of the ‘80s