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The Fun and Artistry of Antique Fishing Lures


“Head of a lady photographed on a platter.” Magic, stage illusions and scientific diversions, including trick photography. 1897.

Internet Archive


Firefighters working on the blaze at the Equitable Life Insurance Building in below-freezing weather, January 9, 1912.

Sterling silver pill box featuring cat’s face, made by Unger Brothers, c. late 19th – early 20th century.


Golden Necklace from Kakheti, Georgia Second half of III Millennium BC [600×800]

Reiji Iizuka’s illustration of a sphere-wheeled car, based on a concept by a German inventor, 1936.

Call Them Grandfather or Tall-Case, Gary Sullivan Knows Big Clocks

30 years ago today, on November 9, 1989, the Berlin wall fell. What can America learn from Berlin’s struggle to face Its violent past?

How My Kid Lost a Game of ‘Magic’ to Its Creator But Scored a Piece of Its Original Art

Cool Cameras: The Univex Mercury