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Pretty vintage pens.

Folk Art bottle stoppers, c. early to mid-20th century. 

(Collection of Dale Smith)

Ceramic roof tile featuring a Chinese warrior riding a phoenix, c. 19th century. (VIa eBay)


Junk Drawer Pocket Knives

Vintage international postage stamp collection.


World’s Foremost Bedpan Collector Celebrates Objects Most People Pooh-Pooh

Letters of the Damned: Exorcising the Curse of the Petrified Forest

Cache of Historic Newspapers Unveils the Mysteries of Old New Orleans

To help preserve this amazing archival collection check out the NOLA DNA kickstarter that launched this week!   📰  📰  📰  📰  📰  📰  📰  📰  📰

Stirred Not Shaken: How Do You End Up With 50,000 Swizzle Sticks?

Folk Art painting of children at the zoo by Clara Louise Bell, c. mid-20th century.

(Via eBay.)