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A flintlock carbine with folding stock from the Visconti House, Italy, 2nd half of 17th century.

from Hermann Historica

A Rare 18-Bore Percussion D.B. Irish Constabularly Carbine and Sword Bayonet, by W. J. King of Birmingham, Mid-19th Century

With browned twist sighted barrels with bayonet-bar on the right side at the muzzles, long tang grooved for sighting, signed border engraved back-action locks, figured half-stock (some old bruising), regulation brass mounts including trigger-guard with scrolled spur, sling loops, and original steel ramrod; together with its brass-hilted bayonet with leaf-shaped blade of flattened diamond section cut with a central fuller over each side of the forte, hilt with cross-guard, and ribbed swelling grip incorporating a sprung catch, in its leather scabbard (some damage) with brass chape (probably an old replacement), frog button, and leather frog, Birmingham proof marks. 46.8 cm barrels and 43.5 cm blade.

Probably one of 250 ordered by the Inspector General of Constabulary in Ireland. See Howard C. Blackmore, British Military Firearms 1650-1850, 1961, pp. 205-206, pl. 68.

Sharps Model 1863 percussion carbine with 1st Iowa Cavalry carving, American Civil War.

from Rock Island Auction Co.

German Mauser Model 1896 broomhandle carbine

from Rock Island Auctions

US Springfield Model 1855 carbine,

from Rock Island Auctions