Category: bronze age

Bronze dagger from Luristan, 10th century BC

from Hermann Historica

Chinese bronze dagger with jade hilt, 16th – 11th century BC

from The Harvard Art Museums

Elamite bronze sword, 2nd millennium BC

from Artemission

Bronze sword, Central Europe, 12th Century BC

from Karabela Auctions

Bronze sword uncovered near Lockerbie, Scotland, circa 1,000 BC.

from The Annan Museum, Scotland

Bronze axe, Scotland, 950-700 BC.

from The Stranraer Museum, Scotland

Bronze sword, Spain, circa 900 BC

from The Ciudad Real Museum

Chinese bronze sword, Shang Dynasty, 1600 – 1050 BC.

from Cambi Auctions

Bronze axe, Iran/Persia, circa 1,000 BC

from The Cleveland Museum of Art

Chinese bronze axe, Shang Dynasty, 1600- 1050 BC