Category: bohemian glass

Blue opal iris vases made by Loetz, c. 1900.

Loetz Phänomen Genre 7951 Form II-192, c. 1900.

Vase with silver overlay and PG 6893 décor, made by Loetz, c. 1898.

Creta Papillon seashell vase by Loetz ca. 1900-02

Carillon” vase made by Harrach, ca. 1900

Pink Phänomen Genre 377 vase made by Loetz, circa early 20th century.

Whiskey decanter and glasses in “Bambus” style decor by Kralik, circa 1930s.

Bohemian uranium-glass goblet engraved with hunting scene, circa 1840s.

Loetz Phänomen vase Genre 299 TriColor in ormolu bronze mount, circa 1900.

Brusel” style glass brooches, made in Czechoslovakia circa 1950s – 1960s.