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1913 Halloween postcard

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Haunted Duffus Castle, Moray, Scotland

Some hauntings at the castle include the ghost of an unknown lady waving from the castle windows. No one knows who this mystery apparition may be or why she is waving. A disappearing man wearing wellington boots has also been reported.  People see him walking along the road to the castle but when they glance away and look back he vanishes. He is supposed to look as solid and real as any living person. In 2009 an elusive and mysterious large black cat was photographed near the castle as well. The report and photo can be found here.

The current structure, uninhabited for at least two hundred years, is primarily of 14th century origin. A Norman style wooden motte and bailey castle occupied the site from the 1100’s, when it was constructed by an Anglo-Norman settler, Freskin de Moravia, who had settled in Moray at the invitation of King David 1st. The lordship of Duffus later passed, through failure of the male line of Freskin, to the Sutherland family. A son of the male Freskin line, Andrew Moray, gained fame as an associate of Sir William Wallace, dying from wounds he received at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297.