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Tricylce mounted with tandem Maxing machine guns, 1899.

Bicycle-style roller skates made by Ritter, England, c. 1895.

Schwinn Sting-Ray, early 1970s.


Images from the Louisiana Cycling Club “Spokes” Scrapbook, circa 1887 – 1891. (Via the Historic New Orleans Collection)


”Map of California Roads For Cyclers,” 1896.

Bert Hambling of the 26th Middlesex Cyclist Rifle Volunteers, 1898

Beautiful Art Nouveau bicycle posters, 1900 – 1930s. (Via Ride Vintage)

German military bicyclists performing saber training, late 19th century.

Imagine the oncoming sound of death before you have your head split open: ring ring, ring ring!


The Hippie Daredevils Who Were Just Crazy Enough to Invent Mountain Biking

Bay Area bicycle clubs of the late 19th century.

(images via the California Historical Society)