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The Mk I Lee Metford: The Bayonet Exercise c 1898

Here, we examine the Bayonet Exercise as practiced in the late 1890s.


A .577 Percussion Commercial 1856 Pattern Volunteer Short Rifle Signed Joseph Harkom and Sword Bayonet, Edinburgh, Mid-19th Century

With russet sighted barrel signed along the top at the breech, retained by two barrel bands, with bayonet-lug on the right at the muzzle numbered ‘283’, and rifled with three grooves, calibrated folding adjustable back-sight, signed border engraved flat lock decorated with foliate scrollwork, hammer en suite, chained nipple-protector, figured three-quarter stock, border engraved steel mounts of regulation pattern including trigger-guard decorated with foliate scrollwork, sling loops, steel ramrod, possibly original, and retaining traces of original finish; together with a Lancaster sword bayonet, the pipe-back blade with spear point, brass-mounted hilt with spring-catch, and chequered black leather grips, in its brass-mounted black leather scabbard (some crazing), the locket mouth stamped ‘R.A.M.C.’ over ’12’, and with a later buff-leather frog, Ordnance proof marks. 84 cm barrel.

British Pattern 1879 Artillery Bayonet with Sawback Blade

The blade with various British marks, with a D-shaped knuckle bow and rifle fitting, complete with scabbard, 82cm (length)

British Pattern 1859 Cutlass Bayonet


Sawback bayonets for the Martini Henry Artillery Carbine

Top :AC bayonet converted from P1859 Cutlass bayonet in 1878
Second :P1879 new manufacture, AC MkI
Third :P1879 AC MkII, enlarged muzzle ring
Bottom :P1879, downgraded, sawback removed

Napoleonic Naval Close Combat with Cutlass, Pistol & Bayonet – Lieut William Pringle Green

A fantastic manual on the use of close combat weapons during Napoleonic naval warfare is now available. The treatise of Lieut William Pringle Green:


British Chest of Arms, c.1830

Made by Woolley, Sargant and Fairfax. Pine Chest containing twelve flintlock musketoons, pistols, bayonets and cutlasses

Photo from the Butterfield & Butterfield auction catalog for the Charles Bremner Hogg Jackson bequest to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in October of 1996, and now in the collection of the Royal Armouries in Leeds.


2nd Punjab Infantry on Gym Day

A splendid photo from around 1890, showing men of the 2nd Punjab Infantry, with fencing bayonets, gymnasium sabres and Indian clubs in a great variety of sizes. Also note the singlesticks, fencing helmets and sporans for protecting the groin. These chaps look hard as nails!

British Samurai Bayonets – 1907 Pattern & Arisaka

There is a connection between WW1 era British bayonets and Japanese samurai swords and knives that most people don’t know about. Here we look at the 1907 pattern British bayonet and its inspiration the Type 30 Arisaka.


British Pattern 1856 Yataghan Bayonets

EIGHT 1856 PATTERN ENFIELD BAYONETS each in its scabbard; one with its leather frog (two missing their press studs) the first: 57.5 cm; 22 ¾ in blade