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2nd Punjab Infantry on Gym Day

A splendid photo from around 1890, showing men of the 2nd Punjab Infantry, with fencing bayonets, gymnasium sabres and Indian clubs in a great variety of sizes. Also note the singlesticks, fencing helmets and sporans for protecting the groin. These chaps look hard as nails!


Sabre vs. bayonet, British, 1860.


Assault at Arms

Assaults of Arms featured various martial displays were put on, from boxing and bayonet fencing competitions, to sword feats like this.

Here is a bit more on Staff Sergeant Foerster, who is illustrated above.

Major Anthony Gordon, and the Development of Bayonet Fencing in the British Isles: 1740-1820:

Bayonet Exercise. Illustrated London News, May 1860.

1902 Bayonet Versus Lance On Horseback Fencing – England

Film Date: 1902
Location: Batley Football Ground – West Yorkshire- England
Description: Bayonet on foot versus Lance on horseback bout at a Military Tournament held at Batley Football Ground in 1902.

Quarterstaff, fencing, bayonet, Indian clubs, and more can be seen in this 1884 sketch of the activities at the London Athletic Club in St. James’s Hall. From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News.

1910 Indian Bayonet Exercises, Fencing & Indian Club Exercises

Film release Date: 1910
Description: Indian Army exercises:
1. Bayonet exercise routine.
2. Bayonet Fencing.
3. Indian Club routines.