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Stirred Not Shaken: How Do You End Up With 50,000 Swizzle Sticks?

Bottoms Up” jadeite glass shot glass and stand made by McKee Glass, circa 1920s – ‘30s.

Bottoms Up” jadeite glass shot glass and stand made by McKee Glass, circa 1920s – ‘30s.

Sip ‘N Strip glasses made by Spencer’s Gifts, c. 1980.

Beefbar restaurant by Humbert & Poyet. Renovated Art Nouveau interior originally designed by architect Emile Hurtré and painted by Jules C. Wielhorski for the Langham Hotel, Paris, 1898.

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The R-80 Colt Monitor

During the Prohibition era many law enforcement agencies found themselves severely outgunned as gangsters armed themselves with fully automatic weapons. Many agencies purchased Thompson submachine guns, however the .45acp cartridge often had difficulty penetrating car bodies. Back in the day car bodies were constructed from thick steel, they don’t quite make em’ like they used too. In addition many gangsters armored their vehicles for extra protection.

In 1931 Colt obtained a contract from Browning to produce their models of the Browning Automatic Rifle. One model, called the R-80 “Colt Monitor” was specifically designed for law enforcement. The Colt Monitor featured a pistol grip much like export, foreign production and export BAR’s. It also had a shorter 18 inch barrel and a Cutt’s compensator to prevent muzzle climb.

90 Colt Monitors were purchased by the FBI, who used them to great effect against armored vehicles. Another 11 were sold to the Treasury Department, while 24 were sold to banks, prisons, security companies, and police departments.

Viking Bar, Weight and Hack ‘Hoard’ Group, 9th-11th Century AD

A large group of silver items comprising of: nine northern European coins, a gilded lion-head finial, a heater-shaped pendant with cross decoration and pelleted border, a crescentic pendant fragment, a cross pendant fragment, a Thor’s hammer amuletic pendant, a fragment of a flat rectangular pendant, four fragments of belt mounts, thirty-eight ingot bars fragments, two coiled hair ring fragments, a twisted torc fragment, two temple rings(?) fragments; seven bronze barrel-shaped weight with decoration, two bronze plain of polyhedral shape

Roman Scale Bar with Neptune, Hippocamp and Griffin, 1st Century AD

A bronze scale bar from a set of weights decorated with a hippocamp to one end with forepart of a rearing horse, head slightly turned, rest of body a sea serpent with tail wrapped around bar; to the top a standing male, possibly Neptune (Poseidon) holding the hippocamp by the mane and brandishing weapon in other hand; to the other end a griffin with head turned, body ending in a sea serpent wrapped around bar; center of bar balustered and detailing of scales to both sea creatures. 33cm (13″)