Category: axe

Chinese bronze dagger axe with turquoise inlays, 14th – 11th century BC

from The Harvard Art Museums

Sotho axe, South Africa, 19th century.

from Karlsson and Wickman

Gold decorated Viking axe uncovered in Ivanovo Oblast, Russia.

Marbles No. 5 Safety Hatchet, made in Michigan, c. 1930s.

Danish beard axe, 700-900 AD

from Pax Romana Auctions

Bronze axe, Scotland, 950-700 BC.

from The Stranraer Museum, Scotland

Italian processional axe, 16th century.

from Cowan’s Auctions

Bronze axe, Iran/Persia, circa 1,000 BC

from The Cleveland Museum of Art

Chinese bronze axe, Shang Dynasty, 1600- 1050 BC

French pioneer corps axe, 18th-19th century.

from Sofe Design Auctions