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Illustration for a glass cup, by Dagobert Peche,1919. Glass design by Josef Hoffmann for Wiener Werkstätte, Vienna. (Via Europeana)

Kaiserin Elisabeth (Sissi) of Austria

Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria.

Archduke Otto of Austria with fiancée

Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony.

Countess Draskovich von Trakostjan in the coronation of Kaiser Karl I of Austria

Austrian vintage postcard
Carl Steine Tapezierer, Wien, Österreich.
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Portrait de l’impératrice Elisabeth d’Autriche en tenue d’amazone -1890.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and friends.

Actress Katharina Schratt, mistress of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria

Superb Celtic Silver Kroisbach Reiterstumpf Coin

An exceptional example of abstract Celtic artwork on a coin, this heavy silver tetradrachm was minted by the Danubian Celts of Pannonia (Burgenland) in the 2nd Century BC.  The obverse has a remarkable portrait of a Celtic warrior, in the very finest Danubian style. The male head is shown staring to the heavens, with a long, sweeping brow, crooked nose and exaggerated cheeks, reminiscent of helmet cheek pieces. He wears an ornate diadem, his ear, ponytail and eyes are rendered schematically. The reverse has a Celtic warrior on horseback, galloping left. The rider is composed of a torso and head, his long hair tied into a topknot, with three locks fluttering in the wind behind. The horse is shown powerfully built, with a short mane and large hooves.

We know relatively little of their history but, through objects like this, we can admire their artistic creativity. On each side of the coin we see Celtic warriors, brilliantly transformed into fine, playful and yet striking works of abstract art.  One of the very finest and most pleasing examples of this charming coin type.